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We can’t deny the cultural force of cinema in our lives. One of the most profound ways cinema influences pop-culture is its fashion. Starrobe helps you find clothes, outfits, and ‘looks’ based on your favorite stars. From their personal style statements to their movie-character avatars, you can discover that style and buy outfits that match it!

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Bio-Tech Spirits


Dr. B. Srinivasa Amarnath is changing the future of spirits and liqueurs by introducing Ayurvedic science to its creation and minimizing the adverse effects of alcohol by increasing bio-alkaloids. This does not impact the taste or the intoxication level which remains the same. Visit their website for more information on their products and years of research


Dharthi Sustainables



Dharthi Sustainables is fuelled by a team of young entrepreneurs who are passionate about nature and giving back. They work the entire spectrum, from community health, waste management, and afforestation to working with specific communities (weavers), and medicinal plants in barren lands. Dharthi was run informally at the outset, but the founders have since their full-time corporate jobs to work on this full time. Be inspired and check them out!

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Lush Motors



The future is right here with Lush Motors.


They are developing the first smart mobility vehicle in India that’s all electrical and a cross between a three-wheeler and a car. This eco-friendly and practical vehicle comes fully loaded with all the perks of new technology.

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Pick My Cloth



Pick My Cloth is a revolutionary way of offering goods that are spectacular in quality and benefit the community that makes them at the same time. When you order textiles, weaves, or leather products from Pick My Cloth your payment directly goes into the bank account of the vendors themselves. Pick My Cloth does away with the middleman and curates better products while serving the communities that deserve their fair share.

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