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The Macro & Micro of Finance

Strategy Q is equipped and aware of the nuances and challenges that organisations face when it comes to financial planning.


You could be a start-up just starting to reckon with long and short term financial goals. You might be a much larger enterprise that has to consider mergers and restructuring when it comes to continued financial wellbeing.


And that’s where we come in; we excel at finding solutions for very specific concerns and help you see the bigger picture.

Where We Excel

It’s important for industries to define their specific offerings. What do we do best? This is a question we ask ourselves everyday.


Our commitment is to offer value and insight. The result is constant evolution and learning. This is why we enjoy strong relationships with leading commercial banks, financial institutions, public & private funds, and domestic & foreign institutional investors.  


Our robust client relationships come from our passionate and knowledgeable human capital and ethical business practices. This is the approach that has resulted in executing transactions worth over INR 600 Million so far.

Everyone Wins with

Financial Inclusivity

We’re all about flexibility, responsiveness, and guidance while providing the right financing product for the customer. We also focus on providing loans to unserved and underserved borrowers who are operating small businesses in semi-urban areas.


Financial Inclusion is a key area that we are focusing on and our objective is to provide finance to the urban poor and underserved sections of the society. Financial inclusivity allows more diversity in the economy and more stability. This means more opportunity and growth across all sectors.

Private placements of equity.
Capital raising in public markets.
Mezzanine, convertible instruments, to debt syndication.
Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring advisory.

Start-Up Finance &

Mentoring Services

Strategy Q works hand in hand with startups to allow them to prepare and create platforms that will raise and grow their financial goals over time. Here are some probable areas you might need help with.


And yes, we can custom create advice and solutions for you.

  • Looking for Series A funding

  • Compliance and regulations support

  • Looking for business leads

  • Business development

  • Specialized interest in entities in metros and Tier II cities, that are either in a stage of building up or diversifying, and are generally not addressed sufficiently by the mainstream banking system.

Medium & Large

Enterprise Consulting

Strategy Q is creates a stable platform for you to gain insights, make informed financial investments, and consider the pros and cons of restructuring. Here are some of the things we can assess and support.

  • Locating investment opportunities under different funding vehicles

  • Managing  portfolios

  • Assess the financial risk of investing in certain departments

  • Green field project financing

  • Address cash flow issues

  • Business development opportunities

  • Identifying mutually beneficial collaborations  

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Credit rating

  • Assist SMEs, mid-sized companies, and their founders, to scale their businesses through loan products in a variety of forms, structures, and collaterals

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